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Weather Station Temperature Reads Too High in the Day Time.

Temperature reads too high (or inaccurate) when placed in the sun or close to a radiant heat source, like a house, building or structure. Place the sensor inside next to the indoor console sensor. Wait about 1 hour for stabilization. The sensors should agree within…

Projector does not stay on, WS-8400, RC-8401.

Make sure the clock is plugged into AC power.  The projector is on momentarily if disconnected from AC Power. Make sure the AC adapter is not plugged into a switched outlet. On the back of the models WS-8400 and RC-8401 is a PROJECTION On/Off Switch. Make…

What is the Difference Between the RC-8401 and RC-8401A?

This weather station clock receives a signal from the Radio Controlled Clock (RCC) in Colorado. The display color can interfere with this reception. Thus, a primary color is displayed when the RCC clock in searching for the signal, which occurs about once every 4 hours….

The Clock Backlight is Dim or Does not Turn On.

If the clock backlight is dim, it is possible the backlight control is set to L (Low). Reference the figure below, #18 and #19 below:   Make sure switch #18 LIGHT is switched to ON. Make sure switch #19 is set to H (High) If…